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Tips for Planning Maternity Leave in Malaysia and Maximizing Benefits

maternity leave in malaysia

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Planning maternity leave in Malaysia is a crucial aspect for working women in Malaysia. It is essential to understand the legal entitlements and maximize the benefits available to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable maternity period.

This article provides valuable tips for expectant mothers on how to plan their maternity leave effectively.

By being well-prepared, you can make the most of this special time with your new baby.

Understanding Maternity Leave in Malaysia

maternity leave in malaysia
  • Maternity leave in Malaysia entitlements are governed by the Employment Act 1955. Eligible employees are entitled to a certain period of paid maternity leave.
  • It is important to understand these entitlements and ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria to avail of maternity leave benefits.
  • Familiarizing yourself with these regulations can help you plan your leave more effectively.

How Long is Maternity Leave Malaysia? Is 90 days maternity leave already approved in Malaysia?

  • As of 2022, the Malaysian government has extended the duration of maternity leave from 60 days to 98 days (approximately 14 weeks) for eligible female employees.
  • This change aims to provide better support for working mothers and their newborns. It’s essential to plan your leave accordingly and inform your employer in advance.

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Differences between Malaysia Maternity Leave and Annual Leave in Malaysia

  • While both maternity leave in Malaysia and annual leave provide employees with time away from work, they serve different purposes and are governed by different regulations in Malaysia. 
  • Maternity leave is specifically for female employees who are pregnant or have recently given birth, while annual leave in Malaysia  is a general entitlement for all employees to take time off for personal reasons. 

Differences between Malaysia Maternity Leave and Parental Leave Malaysia (Paternity Leave)

Eligibility and Duration:

Paternity leave is less formalized compared to maternity leave in Malaysia.
As of the latest updates, private sector paternity leave is generally shorter and varies depending on company policies, typically around 3 to 7 days.
In the public sector, male employees are entitled to 7 days of paid paternity leave for up to five confinements.


Paternity leave entitlements are usually limited to employees who meet certain conditions set by their employer or the sector they work in.


Paternity leave, where granted, is usually paid leave, but the specifics can vary widely by employer.


  • Maternity Leave: 98 days of paid leave for female employees, with a specific regulatory framework.
  • Parental Leave (Paternity Leave): typically shorter (around 3–7 days in the private sector and 7 days in the public sector), less regulated, and highly dependent on employer policies.
  • It’s important for employees to check with their employers for specific policies and any additional benefits that may be provided beyond the statutory requirements.

Tips for Maximizing Maternity Leave Benefits

maternity leave in malaysia
  • To maximize your maternity leave benefits, plan your leave well in advance. Inform your employer early and discuss your leave plan.
  • Additionally, consider your financial planning during this period and explore any additional benefits or support available from your employer or government schemes.
  • Proper planning can help you make the most of your leave without financial stress.

Navigating Employer Policies and Negotiating Additional Leave

  • Understanding your employer’s maternity leave in Malaysia policy is crucial. Some employers may offer additional benefits or flexible working arrangements.
  • Don’t hesitate to negotiate for additional leave or adjustments that can help you manage your pregnancy and postpartum period better.
  • Clear communication with your employer is key to a smooth maternity leave experience.

Preparing for Your Return to Work Post-Maternity Leave

  • Plan your return to work by discussing your schedule and any necessary adjustments with your employer.
  • Consider your childcare arrangements and how you will balance work and family responsibilities. A smooth transition back to work can significantly reduce postpartum stress.

Legal Rights and Protections Guide for Pregnant Employees in Maternity Leave Malaysia 2024

  • It’s important to know your legal rights and protections as a pregnant employee. This includes protection against discrimination and the right to a safe working environment.
  • If you face any issues, seek legal advice or assistance from relevant authorities. Being aware of your rights empowers you to advocate for yourself and your baby.

There are various support networks and resources available for pregnant employees in Malaysia. Joining forums, support groups, or seeking advice from HR consultants can provide additional support and guidance during this period.

Connecting with others who are going through similar experiences can be incredibly helpful. Planning maternity leave in Malaysia involves understanding your legal entitlements, maximizing benefits, and preparing for a smooth transition back to work.

By following these tips, expectant mothers can ensure a stress-free maternity leave experience. Remember, taking the time to plan effectively can make a significant difference in your maternity leave journey.

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maternity leave in malaysia

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