Human Resources (HR)

When managing human resources within a company, compliance with the Employment Act 1955 is a critical responsibility yet often presents a challenge. Safety and compliance with labor laws are crucial aspects of human resources management. We understand that non-compliance can lead to serious legal complications. We aim to assist your company in complying with the law and conducting human resources operations smoothly.

With the help of our human resources management services, your company can operate its human resources functions more efficiently, comply with the law, and better meet the needs of employees.

Human resources

Compliance with the Employment Act 1955 in Human Resources Management

We assist companies in diligently complying with the Employment Act 1955. This includes ensuring that employee policies, wage deduction practices, and job conditions are in line with applicable labor laws. As a result, your company can avoid any potential legal errors and maintain good relationships with employees.

Written Employee Handbook, Drafts & Human Resources Policies

We provide written employee handbooks and assist your company in writing and implementing appropriate human resources policies. This helps streamline employee management and provides clear guidance to employees regarding their ethics and job responsibilities.

Managing Offer Letters & Employment Contracts

We assist in preparing valid and appropriate offer letters or employment contracts. This ensures that the terms of employment and responsibilities are clear and acknowledged by both parties.

We provide confirmation letters for employees who have completed their probationary period. This letter ensures that their employment status has been confirmed.

We assist in providing reference letters that provide a positive overview of an employee’s performance to future employers.

We assist in preparing termination letters that follow the procedures required by law and ensure that the termination is lawful and ethical.