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The Legal Framework of Annual Leave in Malaysia: What Employers and Employees Need to Know

annual leave in malaysia

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Understanding the legal framework of annual leave in Malaysia is essential for both employers and employees. This knowledge ensures that both parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities, leading to a harmonious and productive work environment.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the regulations governing annual leave in Malaysia.

Legal Framework of Annual Leave in Malaysia

annual leave in malaysia

How Many Annual Leaves in Malaysia Have?

Several factors, including the length of service and company policy. Typically, employees are entitled to

  • A minimum of eight days of annual leave for the first two years of service
  • 12 days for the third to fifth years of service
  • 16 days for service beyond five years

However, many companies offer more generous annual leave entitlements as part of their employment contracts.

What is the Law Minimum Annual Leave Malaysia?

  • The minimum annual leave entitlement according to Labour law in Malaysiais governed by the Employment Act 1955.
  • According to this act, employees are entitled to a minimum of eight days of annual leave for the first two years of service, 12 days for the third to fifth years of service, and 16 days for service beyond five years.
  • These provisions apply to employees whose monthly wages do not exceed RM2,000 and those engaged in manual labor, regardless of their wages.

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Understanding the Accumulation and Carry-Over of Annual Leave

  • Malaysian law allows for the accumulation and carry-over of unused annual leave to the following year.
  • However, the specifics of this process are often outlined in the employment contract or company policy.
  • Typically, there is a limit to the number of days that can be carried over, and any excess leave may be forfeited or paid out.

Annual Leave and Public Holidays: What Employers Need to Know According to Labour Law Malaysia Annual Leave

annual leave in malaysia
  • It’s important for employers to understand how public holidays interact with annual leave entitlements.
  • If a public holiday falls on a day when an employee is on annual leave, the day should not be counted as part of the employee’s annual leave entitlement.
  • Employers should ensure that their HR policies reflect this to avoid any misunderstandings.

Termination and Resignation: Handling Unused Annual Leave

  • Upon termination or resignation, employees are entitled to be paid for any unused annual leave.
  • Employers need to calculate this payment based on the employee’s current rate of pay and include it in the final paycheck.
  • It’s crucial for employers to manage this process accurately to ensure compliance with the law.

Common Misconceptions About Annual Leave in Malaysia

  • There are several misconceptions about annual leave in Malaysia. For example, some believe that unused annual leave can be indefinitely accumulated, which is not the case. 
  • Another common myth is that employees are not entitled to annual leave during their probation period, which is also untrue.
  • Employers and employees should seek accurate information to ensure they understand their rights and obligations.

Case Studies: Real-Life Scenarios in Malaysian Workplaces

annual leave in malaysia

Real-life case studies can provide valuable insights into how annual leave disputes have been resolved in Malaysia.

For instance, a case where an employee was denied annual leave due to operational needs led to a tribunal ruling in favor of the employee, emphasizing the importance of fair and reasonable management of annual leave.

Both employers and employees in Malaysia need to have a clear understanding of the legal framework surrounding annual leave. By staying informed and compliant, they can ensure a harmonious and productive work environment.

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