Commercial Officer Application (Expatriate)

Registering commercial officers and compliance with relevant regulations and laws is an important aspect of company management. However, this process is often complex and requires in-depth knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations. Errors in registration and compliance can result in serious legal complications. We take responsibility for helping your company manage all aspects related to commercial officer applications efficiently and accurately.

With the assistance of our commercial officer application services, your company can carry out this process more easily and comply with applicable laws. We reduce your workload and ensure that all documents and applications are accurate and legally valid.

Commercial Officer Application (Expatriate)

Company Registration via ESD & Company Activation with LOU

We assist in the registration process with the Employment Service Division and activation of the company with the Letter of Undertaking. We ensure that all necessary documents and applications are meticulously prepared to ensure the smooth registration process.

Employment Pass

We assist in the processing of employment passes for foreign workers who wish to work in Malaysia. This includes pass processing, compliance with necessary requirements, and ensuring that workers have valid employment passes.

Dependent Pass

We also assist in the processing of dependent passes for the spouses and children of foreign workers. This helps foreign workers to bring their families to Malaysia legally.